How to create and send a quote

1. Sign into your account at the FuelNow site at

2. Click on "Quotes" in the ribbon



3. Click on "Place New Quote" in the upper right-hand corner



4. Fill out the following information: 

a. Start and End Date

b. Site

c. Origin (Terminal) - To add more, click on "+ Add Origin"

d. Product Class - To add more, click on "+ Add Product Class" 

e. Carrier - To add more, click on "+ Add Carrier"

f.  If you have additional sites, click on "+ Add Site". We recommend one agreement per site or no more than 2 sites per quote request.


5. Click "Send" when you are done. You can also save a draft or delete the draft. 

6. The quote will be sent to the carrier to approve or decline. 



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