How do I give my customers access to see their information and request fuel order deliveries?

The FuelNOW ecosystem is set up to allow all parties to act independently of each other.  We recognize there are a couple of ways in which your customer's information can be introduced to the ecosystem.  When you initially established your company's account, we would have imported all your customers' information.  Part of the benefit of utilizing the FuelNOW solution is being able to provide your customers the ability to place and track orders either online or through the Order mobile app.

Your customers will need to either create their user accounts online from the platform or through the Order mobile app once the app has been installed.


For online user account creation, you can direct your customers to go the FuelNOW Network platform URL below:

FuelNOW Platform

For mobile app user account creation, you can direct your customers to access our mobile app from the following store links:

Apple iTunes - Apple iTunes FuelNOW Order App

Google Play - Google Play FuelNOW Order App


Once your customers have successfully created an user account, they will have access to see order history, create new orders, and track orders.

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