What kind of order notifications will I receive?

With the Order mobile app, you will be able to receive notifications.  These notifications will appear in the notifications section of the app.  To access this section, click on the  icon located on the app's bottom toolbar.  You will receive notifications and alerts through the course of your fuel delivery orders progress.  Below is a list of the types of order notifications you can expect to receive.


1. "Order has been received."  Once an order is placed, the receiving party (wholesaler, carrier, or managed services company) will be notified.  When the receiving party has reviewed your order, you will be notified that it has been received.


2. "Order has been dispatched."  Once a carrier has committed to fulfilling your order, you will receive a notification that the order has been dispatched.


3. "Order has been lifted."  After the product has been loaded for your order, you will be notified.


4. "Order has been delivered." After the product has been delivered for your order, you will be notified.


5. "Your order has been delayed."  If the anticipated delivery is going to be later than the delivery window you requested, you will be notified.


6. "Your order has been canceled."  You will be notified if you placed an order and your wholesaler disapproves your fuel delivery order request canceling your order.


7.  "The requested changes to your order have been successfully processed".  After an order has been dispatched to a carrier, all modifications are submitted as a request.  This allows the appropriate parties to be notified to ensure any changes that affect loading instructions or delivery times are properly and communicated. Once those changes are reviewed and actually processed, you will receive this notification.

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